JEE (Main), the first level of the JEE (Joint Entrance Examination), is a highly sought-after exam across the nation. The candidates who successfully crack the exam get access to some of the most prestigious engineering colleges in the country. It opens the way to a great future in terms of career. But acing this highly competitive exam requires the right preparation strategy and mindset.

However, if you want admission to the IITs, candidates have to clear the JEE Advanced 2024, the second level of the JEE 2024.

When it comes to passing any competitive exam, the study plan, strategy, timetable, and the aspirant’s attitude matter as much as the hard work put in to prepare for it. Read along to get an idea about how to perfectly prepare for JEE Mains, along with tips and tricks that help JEE (Main) aspirants not only crack the exam but also ace it.

JEE Main Preparation- Start Preparing Early for Assured Success

Starting JEE Main preparations early is a great way to ensure your success in the examination. Many candidates wonder when they should begin preparing for JEE (Main). Some also worry if one-year preparation is enough.

The fact is the sooner you begin the preparations, the better. Most candidates who have successfully cracked the exam say Class 11th is the ideal time to plan and prepare for the JEE Main. However, students can also begin from Grade 9th or Grade 10th.

It means one can try time management techniques, learn note-taking strategies and plan a schedule from early grades.

How to Prepare for JEE Main?

Every candidate and their learning style is different. Therefore there is not just one way to ace the exam.

However, following a set preparation strategy can help students stay on track with their study plan and avoid any last-minute panic.

  1. Familiarise Yourself with the Syllabus and Exam Pattern: The first step to preparing for JEE Main is being aware of the complete & updated syllabus. Knowing the syllabus beforehand helps the students to divide their study plan well. Download the syllabus and go through it a few times.
  2. Plan a Timetable: Once aware of the syllabus; candidates must make a practical timetable. The timetable should not be so ambitious that candidates will face a hard time following it. Divide the subjects and your daily tasks meticulously so that you do not struggle to keep up.
  3. Have the Right Study Material: Focusing on the most important books is the key to acing the exam. For JEE preparation, the most important study material is the NCERT books. In addition to the NCERT books, candidates can opt for study material from the top IIT coaching like ALLEN, which offers well-organised and updated study material to make your preparation streamlined. Also, prepare all the mock tests and previous years’ question papers beforehand.
  4. Be Consistent: The key to mastering the JEE syllabus is being consistent with your preparation. Be consistent with your timetable and daily studies, and evade any distractions.
  5. Take Notes: Be sure to master the art of note-taking while studying. Short, crisp, yet comprehensive notes will help you learn the material effectively and act as the best revision tool as exams approach closer. You can explore different note-taking techniques online and see which ones work best for you.
  6. Learn Time Management: Managing the time is all about effectively dividing your time between studies, revision, written practice and your daily activities while also being consistent with it.
  7. Practice Till Perfection: There are several ways you will need to practise for the JEE Main:
    1. Mock Tests: Once you get a good portion of syllabus studies, be sure to take regular mock tests.
    2. Previous Years’ Question Papers: Past years’ papers are a great resource for JEE Main practice. They help you get used to the exam mindset and get the required practice.
    3. Written Practice: For formulas and numerical questions, candidates require a lot of written practice. They can make separate notebooks for these and practise therein daily.
  8. Revise Regularly: There is no substitute for revision. With more revision sessions, candidates will champion the study material. Spaced revision at regular intervals is a very effective technique to retain the study material.
  9. Have a Positive Attitude: Your mindset decides a major part of your outcome. With a positive and passionate attitude, candidates can achieve what they believe.
  10. Look After Yourself: This is one aspect of JEE preparation that candidates often overlook. A healthy mind and body will allow you to achieve more than a tired and poorly nourished one. So eat healthy, get yourself some time to exercise, and get a good night's sleep daily

JEE Main Study Plan

An effective study plan should have all subjects divided equally and spaced around the week. Every candidate shall make his/her own study plan according to his/her weakness and strengths.

Here is how you can make your own study plan:

  1. Study one subject daily. For instance, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics every alternate day.
  2. Divide the chapters smartly. Study one easy chapter between two difficult ones.
  3. Dedicate time daily to practise test question questions from the chapters studied that day.
  4. Revise the notes from the entire portion of that day at night once before sleeping.

JEE Main Preparation Timetable Tips

Here are a few tips to make your JEE Main timetable:

  1. Go over the syllabus and exam pattern before making a timetable.
  2. Allocate more time to your weak areas or difficult chapters.
  3. Set regular short interval breaks during long study periods, this increases the retaining power of the memory.
  4. Set time for Spaced Revision.
  5. Set dedicated time for practising mock tests and previous years’ papers. You can start this step after 2-3 months of preparation.
  6. Set some time (around thirty minutes) out for recreational activities.

You can even use apps or already curated online timetables if they work for you. However, making a timetable per your convenience is more effective.

Important Tips and Tricks for JEE Main Preparation

Here are a few crucial tips to effectively prepare for JEE Mains:

  1. Firstly, get in the right mindset to prepare for the exam and avoid any distractions.
  2. Familiarise yourself with the syllabus and exam pattern thoroughly.
  3. Master NCERT textbooks before going over any additional books.
  4. Go through question papers to understand the type of questions asked in the exam.
  5. Master the art of note-taking. Towards the end of the preparation, there won't be any time to go through the entire study material. Good notes are a saviour in that situation. Moreover, making your own notes helps you better understand and retain the concepts.
  6. Be regular with revision and written practice.
  7. Go through online videos to understand the difficult concepts more clearly.
  8. Take several mock tests to increase your speed and efficiency.

JEE Main Preparation Tips & Strategies by Toppers

  1. Most toppers focus mainly on NCERT books before going over other reference books.
  2. Keeping away from distractions like social media and proper time management is another rule toppers follow sincerely.
  3. Effective note-taking and memorisation strategies like mnemonic devices are a crucial aid for toppers to retain a large volume of study material.
  4. All toppers focus on taking regular mock tests.
  5. Rote memorisation is counterproductive. Therefore ensure that you understand the concepts.
  6. Short and focused study sessions are better than longer half-hearted study sessions.
  7. Some toppers prepare for JEE Main by studying for JEE Advanced, as it covers most of the JEE Main syllabus.

In the end, it all comes to what candidates are comfortable with and what their study pattern is. Candidates will not be able to find the right preparation strategy and timetable on the first day itself. It will take around 1-2 weeks to adjust and get the right way or preparation.

If you are someone who wants to organise their studies and get all the relevant study material and guidance in one place, ALLEN IIT coaching is the way to go. You can get enrolled in our leading JEE coaching to streamline your studies and learn from India's top faculty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You should start the preparation as early as possible. Although one year may be sufficient time for preparing for the exam, starting earlier than that will only add more to your preparation.

NCERT books are the most recommended study material for JEE Main preparation. Once you master the concepts of the NCERT, you can then refer to more reference books to prepare further.

Always prioritise quality over quantity when it comes to studying. Some students can study effectively in 3 hours by focusing completely. Most experts recommend shorter study sessions with regular breaks spaced throughout the day.

In addition to the NCERT books, one or two reference books are more than enough to understand the concepts and prepare meticulously. You can also refer to the best and updated study material of ALLEN coaching.

Many students find online coaching more effective as it connects them to experts around the country from their homes. It also saves them time and helps them manage their preparation more effectively.
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