Orientation Session

Orientation Session is our first introduction to parents and students. The session aims to brief the parents about ALLEN as a system, as a community, as a family, as an ultimate place where dreams are turned into reality.

The conclusion of the session sees the parents ensured that their child has now reached safe hands and would emerge as a winner in the race of life .

get started | get ahead

Coming together is beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.

Classroom Session

Classes are held in morning and evening sessions.
Separate Batches are formed for different Medium.
Strength is accommodated in classrooms which are air-cooled and are equipped with Audio-Video systems.

Comprehensive Study Material

The study material that we provide is meticulously prepared by our experts to help students prepare subjectively for their exams. It is simplified yet comprehensive; specially tailored to give a leading edge to our students. This serves as a treasuretrove of concepts and questions.

Education with Indian values

We infuse Indian values in our students during classroom sessions to uphold our ethics and culture; this is done by regular prayer, oath, motivational talks and other similar endeavors.

Science Lab

Students can take advantage of 'Learning by Doing' at our well equipped Science lab.

build your concepts | blaze your own trail

Doubt Removal

Doubt removal counters are a unique platform that ALLEN offers to its students- so that their doubts are clarified,
concepts are strengthened and confidence is boosted up by our expert faculty members during one to one
interactions. This meticulously planned platform paves the beginning of progress, the genius of reason and the
pathway to success by clarifying the doubts from the very grass root level .

raise the doubt | get the solution | lead the way

Periodic Test & Result

Periodic Tests are taken at regular intervals to give ample practice to the students,
so that they learn to respond promptly to tricky questions within the defined time frame.

Multidimensional Performance Analysis

This is ALLEN’s unique initiative in the form of mobile app which gives you a window to monitor your child’s strong and weak areas of the subjects, previous performances and a detailed analysis of it all. All this can also be reviewed via csat.allen.ac.in or by installing "ALLEN CSAT" mobile app.

Result Processing & Display

The result of each test is processed through a highly computerized scanning system and it gets displayed on institute's notice board within a day.

Communicative Support

We extend a full communicative support of information and updates related to student’s attendance, performance, progress through SMS, website and posts on regular basis.

Faculty Feedback System

Feedback of Faculties on specific parameters is taken from students at regular intervals.

Simulation Lab for Online Test

SLOT-Simulation Lab for Online Tests is operational to familiarize our students with online test environment and methodology .

Periodic Test Awards

ALLEN encourages excellence and instills perseverance in students by rewarding them “silver medal” for their performance in periodic tests.

examine your weakness | enhance your knowledge | excel in results


ALLEN Papa Student Mentorship Programme

To help overcome academic and non-academic problems faced by our students, we nominate our Faculties as mentors of specific batches. They
provide academic guidance, personal care and motivation to make students feel at home and utilize all of their energy to be successful.

Academic Motivation By Director

Our directors provide the students with much required motivation and inspiration so that they continue marching progressively on their path to success.

From Problem to Solution

Academic Tips & Tricks by Subject HODs. Our subject HODs conduct a real time problem solving session where students ask questions and get solutions to their problems first hand. We take the problems not as Stop-Signs but as Guidelines.

Assessment Classes

A student oriented platform for academic awareness and self-assessment in terms of personal values, interests, strengths & weaknesses, goals, motivations and personality traits considering real life examples.

Parent Teacher Meeting

Interaction between parents and teachers to analyze academic performance and non-academic issues of students.

raise the doubt | get the solution | lead the way

Open Session

In Open Session the top performers of periodic tests are awarded ‘Saraswati Silver Medal ‘. The music that plays
soothes the students and the motivation thus received fine-tunes their potential with their aspirations. By the end
of each session, the students overflow with enthusiasm to attain never-before heights in life.

positive energy in action | energizing for future


ASWS - ALLEN Students Welfare Society

ALLEN initiated to form a society (ASWS) with the help of eminent citizens & various service providers to these students, to ensure Secure &
Healthy Environment with Hygienic Lodging & Comfortable Boarding facilities. ALLEN Students Welfare Society is working round the clock to maintain healthy environment in all respects for studies. ASWS has got full support from the administration& police department.

Team Meeting by Director Sh. Rajesh Maheshwari

Faculty Training Program

Medical Consultation

Doctors are available for day-to-day health related problems of students.

Expert Counselling

Our expert counselling cell provides our students with all the information and help related to various Competitive Exams, Admissions in Colleges, Eligibility and Counselling.

Attendance Monitoring

To supervise the attendance of our students, a highly computerized attendance monitoring system has been installed in our buildings.

Hi-Tech Security System

World class and technologically advanced security system to ensure safe surroundings and in-house discipline.

Uniform and Identity Card culture

To identify our children and conduct classes in a disciplined way, we provide our students with uniform and ID Card.

Online Form Filling Support

To assist our students in filling the online application forms of various exams, we have adequate number of computers with internet connection.

empowering system| spreading Positivity

Automation & Communication

ERP Development Center : The in-house team of software engineers design and develop the required applications to automate entire administrative process.

Highly Automated Admission Process

For smooth completion of the admission process - from Application Form scanning, challan generation, fee deposition, uniform & study material distribution, ID card issuance to batch allocation.

Data Processing Center

The State-of-the-art Highly Automated Department for computerised processing of Data with speed and accuracy.

ALLEN Samvad

It is our state-of-art communication department to handle all kind of inbound outbound interaction with students, parents and other relevant departments.

Internet Support

We manage user friendly and informative websites for the desired information by parents & students.

ALLEN Sanchar

We publish our in-house magazine “ALLEN-SANCHAR” which contains articles related to General Knowledge, Motivational Stories, Poems & articles from Students.

Creative Designing Section

Various kind of informative creatives for students like Motivational Posters, Previous Results, Events, Important Announcement & Communication, Exam Notifications, In-House Magazine etc are designed and created by Team of expert designers.

Multimedia Production Lab

This is a media lab created specifically for various in house Audio-Video productions to help in promoting ALLEN's events and activities.

ALLEN Digital Display

We have installed a centrally managed Large Format Display (LFD) system at all ALLEN Centers to display daily notifications, messages, class schedule and other important information relevant to students.

advanced technology | prompt information

Reward & Support



ALLEN Scholarship for Preparatory Studies-We provide various scholarships in the form of concession in Total Fee of the course as per the eligibility. This is provided while pursuing preparatory studies at ALLEN.


ALLEN Competitive Edge Scholarship
Allen provides real competitive environment exclusively for topper students by providing accommodation facilities in spacious & fully furnished hostels which have academic amenities and are mentored by regular visits of Directors and Faculties.


ALLEN Rankers in Technical Studies
ALLEN has a scholarship programme ARTS for those who registered in Classroom Contact Programmes or in Distance Learning Programmes and secured under hundred All India Rank in JEE (Advanced) or JEE (Mains). An amount of Rs 1500/- per month is sent as scholarship for the next 4 years.


ALLEN Rankers in Medical Studies ALLEN has a scholarship programme ARMS for those who registered in Classroom Contact Programmes or in Distance Learning Programmes and secured under hundred All India Rank in AIPMT or were selected in AIIMS-Delhi. An amount of Rs 1500/- per month is sent as scholarship for the next 4 years.