National Mathematics Talent Contest | NMTC 2023 Paper Solution

NMTC Stage-2 2023

The AMTI is a pioneer organization in promoting and conducting Mathematics Talent Tests in India. The top 10% of students based on the Preliminary test performance will be selected by the respective schools. Preliminary test will be of objective type for Primary, Sub-Junior, Junior and Inter levels and will be of 2 hours duration. Merit certificates and prizes were awarded to the deserving students selected in the final.

Only the candidates selected at the preliminary level can appear for the final. It is 3-hours test of subjective type questions reflecting the syllabi of PRMO, RMO, INMO and IMO.


To identify and encourage students who have the capacity for original and creative thinking, willingness to attempt unfamiliar and non-routine problems, exhibiting a general mathematical ability appropriate to their level.

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NMTC Stage-2 Final Round 2023 Paper Solutions

  Primary Level Sub Junior Level Junior Level
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