Step 1

login to

Step 2

Enter parent details

Step 3

Enter Form Number

Step 4

Verify fee details

Step 5

Fill bank account details

Step 6

Fill bank account details

Step 7

Verify mandate details

Step 8

Authentication success

Step 9

Confirmation screen and mail on successful setup

Frequently Asked Questions

What is eNACH ?

Electronic NACH or Electronic National Automated Clearing House (NACH)” is a web/internet based solution for parents to schedule their child’s coaching outstanding fee conveniently from their existing bank account online.

How does it work ?

You need to register online using our website. It's a simple process and takes less than 2 minutes to register.

  • Step 1: Go to the URL - and login using your mobile number
  • Step 2: Use your child’s Form number to see the pending fee amount and payment schedule.
  • Step 3: Confirm your payment schedule and enter your bank account number and IFSC code. Once your bank account is verified, you’ll be redirected to your bank’s page for the auto-debit setup.
  • Step 4: You can authorize the auto-debit feature using either net-banking or debit card on your bank’s page. You’ll receive an OTP for confirmation.

Once set up, you will get an automated email confirmation marking the institute administration as well.

How is it different from PDC ?

It is an online/automated process wherein parent & student will get real-time visibility of the fee payment schedule, You need not to fill any physical form or need to give PDC for your future payment.

Why should I opt for this ?

Its one time process which takes 2 minutes to set up e Mandate. The setup process is online, safe and secure with no extra charge. No physical paperwork needed in this.

Further, There is no need to remember about paying instalment. It is hassle fee process without having any signature mismatch issue / Cutting / Overwriting issue. The parent will get automated reminder 2 days before the due date.

Any charges for eNACH Setup ?

We as an Institute do not take any charges, It's free for you! Your bank might take some set up charges which vary from one Bank to another.

Note: Parents with bank account in State Bank of India or Bank of Baroda may be charged between INR 60-120 by the banks for setting up an auto-debit (e-NACH)

When will it hit my account ?

The amount shall be deducted on the due date which had been decided by you while setting up the eNACH.

What if I don’t have sufficient balance in my account ?

Allen doesn’t charge anything extra in such cases as well. However if the debit fails due to insufficient funds, your bank may levy bounce charges as per bank T&C’s. (lower or similar charges as in the case of cheque bounces)

Will I get any prior message before hitting the NACH ?

Through our technology platform, you will receive automated email/whatsapp reminders 48 hours before the due dates to ensure you have sufficient balance for debit on the due date.

Will I be charged in case my NACH is failed / returned due to insufficient funds ?

Allen doesn’t charge anything extra in such cases as well. However if the debit fails due to insufficient funds, your bank may levy bounce charges as per bank T&C’s

My Bank is RRB/Cooperative Bank, Can I still set eNACH ?

Yes, eNACH can be set up on all major private and public banks as per the list provided in Annexure.

Can I prepay the entire amount before and cancel the eNACH ?

Yes, you can pay the entire outstanding amount before the instalment due date and cancel the eNACH facility. Please reply to the auto-debit confirmation email (that you receive on successful eNACH setup). Allen’s team will mark the amount as paid and no debit would happen.