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RMO 2023 Paper with Solutions

The 2023 Regional Mathematics Olympiad (RMO) is a prestigious mathematics competition held in India, organized by the Homi Bhabha Center for Science Education (HBCSE). It is a Second stage for Indian students in their journey to the International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO). Participants will be tasked with solving challenging mathematical problems that test their problem-solving skills and mathematical reasoning. RMO 2023 will be held in different parts of India in month of Oct 29th. The RMO qualifiers will have the opportunity to participate in the Indian National Mathematics Olympiad (INMO), which is the next stage of the Indian IMO team selection process.

The RMO 2023 Paper Solutions, provided by expert faculties of ALLEN, offer invaluable assistance to aspiring mathematicians. These solutions are meticulously crafted by experienced educators, helping students understand and tackle the intricate mathematical problems presented in the RMO exam. With ALLEN's guidance, participants can gain insights into effective problem-solving techniques and sharpen their mathematical skills, increasing their chances of success in this prestigious competition. These solutions are a valuable resource for RMO participants looking for solutions after RMO exam in this challenging mathematics contest.

Exam Date : 29th October 2023
Paper with Solutions
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Disclaimer: For additional information and updates on RMO 2023, please visit HBCSE’s official website. These RMO solutions may contain errors. ALLEN has provided these solutions to assist students to the best of our knowledge. For precise solutions, students should refer to the official HBCSE website.

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