1. 1. Why ALLEN?

    We work on 6 key points; Excellence in academics, Aptitude, Skills, Competitive exams, Language proficiency, Cultivating Indian values. And these points will help them to groom from every prospective.
  2. 2. Till today my ward has studied on his own and secured highest aggregate, why should she/he join ALLEN?

    At ALLEN, We focused on building strong foundation of students, sharpen their skills and prepare them to face a competitive environment at National level effectively.
  3. 3. How teaching in ALLEN is useful to our child?

    Our main aim is to make the child’s overall progress. We just don’t teach them the school curriculum but we also prepare them for various national, international and government Olympiads like NSTSE, NSO, IMO, IEO, UIEO, NTSE, JSO, RMO, NMTC, etc., state/national level Engineering and Medical entrance exams also. Thus, At ALLEN, we prepare students with subject knowledge as well as the skill to apply it in competitive examinations.
  4. 4. What is the ratio of number of students selected in IIT/Medical from ALLEN?

    ALLEN believes in both quality and quantity. The institute has given very quality results every year and bagged AIR-1 in both AIPMT and JEE ADVANCED in the year 2014, followed by 2373 selections in IIT-JEE, and 12573 in AIPMT and 465 in AIIMS in the year 2015 which exhibits the quantity of results delivered.

Allen Scholarship cum Admission Test and Related Queries

  1. 1. What is the admission policy of your institute?

    Firstly, student has to appear in ASAT ( Allen Scholarship Admission Test). If the student qualifies the ASAT/ Tallentex examination then he/she is eligible for admission.
  2. 2. If a student will appear in two ASAT exams can he claim scholarship which is on higher side?

    No. The student can claim only the last ASAT attempt scholarship.
  3. 3. I had appeared in last ASAT (AIPMT/ IIT Nuture) for admission in Chandigarh and have got scholarship. Can I avail the same in KOTA for admission?

    No for AIPMT as there is no entrance test conducted in KOTA. Whereas in case of IIT nurture, the student can avail the seat in IIT (nurture) Kota but the scholarship structure will according to the centre norms.
  4. 4. How many times can I appear for ASAT examination?

    Student can appear 3-4 times but need to register again and the result of latest ASAT will be considered.
  5. 5. Is direct Admission possible or not?

    No, you have to appear in ASAT in case seeking admission in Chandigarh Centre.
  6. 6. Eligibility criteria for ASAT?

    It depends upon the cutoff of each test. But marks should be 35% minimum in ASAT.
  7. 7. Pattern for ASAT?

    Questions in ASAT are of multiple Choice which are different for each Class which depends on course applied for (Please refer to ALLEN’s official Website for Sample Papers). Test duration is 120 Minutes with 80 questions for 320 marks with 4 marks for each. For Wrong Answer 1 mark is deducted mark except MAT.

Scholarship Criteria

  1. On the basis of:-
    • Ex. Allen Student : 10 %
    • ASAT: 10% TO 90% (Depends upon student performance in ASAT)
    • Tallentex: 10% TO 90% (Depends upon student Marks in Tallentex)
    • Olympiads And NTSE : upto 90% (mentioned in our website and brochures)
    • Sibling: 10%
    • Board performance: which varies from course to course accordingly

Fee Refund Criteria

  1. 1. If a student wants to apply for refund then what will be the procedure?

    A student can apply for refund according to the policy of the Institute which is mention on the official website and brochures, as one can apply for refund with in 30days from course commencement date but after 30 days there is no refund.
  2. 2. What will be the refund procedure for a student who gets selected during course?

    In case of selection of a student he needs to deposit Allen ID card, Fee receipt, Attendance card and needs to show his admission fee receipt where he is going to take admission, will be eligible for 50% refund but again according to the policy of the institute.(mentioned at our website and in brochures)
  3. 3. In what manner has the course structure/course material been designed?

    As per the counseling flow mentioned in brochure
  4. 4. What sort of preparation is provided by the institute for board examination?
    What sort of preparation is provided by the institute for subjective portion of competitive exams?

    Syllabus of class XI and XII is the syllabus of competition but the approaches of examinations are different. Allen covers all basic concepts in the class and the take it to the level of competition. . To support Subjective studies we also conduct regular subjective test. Study material contain important NCERT Questions and Board 10 years question papers. To give holistic approach to school studies we also provide classes for English and notes for physical education.
  5. 5. Does a child get to see the tests that are being conducted by Allen?

    Yes, child can see the OMR sheet analysis on CSAT.
  6. 6. What is the no. of faculty that is serving Allen Chandigarh?

    More than 100 faculties
  7. 7. How many students at present have enrolled with Allen Chandigarh?

    Approx 4600
  8. 8. How many students is their ideally in one batch.

    70-80 students approximately in one batch.

Pre-Nurture and Career Foundation Courses

  1. 1. What are the highlights if the pre nurture course run by this institute?

    The pre nurture course is designed keeping in account the following points
    • To bridge the gap between 10th and 11th
    • To develop logical thinking amongst students
    • To aim for excel in anything they do.
    • To be trained to handle the pressure of competition
    • To inculcate the feeling of competition among the students
  2. 2. How will the child make a balance between the regular school, homework and Allen classes?

    At Allen we have specialized faculty for each class and subject. It is not difficult to maintain balance as the faculties available here will be helping students with the student’s school related problems as well as guide with additional information related to competitions/ programs.
  3. 3. Does the faculty help a child in completing his/ her daily homework?

    The pattern which we follow in the class that will help the child to understand the concepts related to his/ her school syllabus and when the concepts are clear he/she can do his/her homework very easily at home. In case child is facing any problem then we have a provision of doubt counters for clearing the doubts/ problems faced by the student.
  4. 4. How will the pre nurture course help the child/ or why does the child need the pre nurture course run by this institute?

    Allen helps the child in the following ways-
    • Competitive Atmosphere.
    • Highly Qualified Faculties
    • Better Substitute of Individual teaching
    • Syllabus cover in advance
    • Exposure towards competitive Exams.
    The requirement of joining pre-nurture course to a student-
    • Goal setting i.e. for IIT or Medical according to child’s interest or any other stream.(as mathematics and science are the main subjects to build the foundation for any stream).
    • Mentorship Program:- we have mentorship programs where each student has a pre-defined teacher who acts as a mentor and assists student in academic and personal issues.
    • Communication Dairy
    • Mera Sach (Time-table Diary)
  5. 5. Are there any weekend or crash courses for junior classes (6to 10)?

    No, there are no weekend and crash courses for junior classes.
  6. 6. If there is no weekend batch or crash course for junior classes how can the outstation students attend classes at ALLEN Chandigarh if they wish to join?

    Students can join our DLP program and can opt for different workshops as well. By opting DLP program they will be getting the study material and online test series for self assessment.
  7. 7. Is there any hostel facility for pre-nurture students?

    No, there is no hostel facility for pre-nurture students.
  8. 8. Does the parent get time to time the child’s progress report?

    Yes, through messages, online (CSAT) or telephonically.
  9. 9. In case of any discrepancy in midsession, who is the person concerned to handle student grievances?

    If student faces issues relating to :
    • Academics- please contact Faculty or Mr. Pushkar Rai (Centre Head)
    • Hostel- please contact Mr. Saroj Rijal (Hostel In-charge)
    • Transport- please contact Mr. Akhilesh Jindal
    • Doubt session- please discuss with Mr. Pushkar Rai (Centre Head)
  10. 10. How can the fee be paid?

    Through DD, Cheque, Online , RTGS, or by generating a bank challan.
  11. 11. Is there any scholarship granted on the basis of class 10th board exams?

    If the child is appearing from any state board they have to be in top 15 merit list (50%) is given. But not in CBSE BOARD.
  12. 12. Is there any Scholarship given to ICSE Students in class 10th?

  13. 13. Is there any segregation of students on the basis of performance?

    Yes, according to the performance in ASAT as well as average of periodic test but it is done after 2.5 to 3 months.
  14. 14. What sort of criteria has been set for a student to be part of the star batch?

    Over all top 10 students selected to be part of the star batch and management plays an important role in it.
  15. 15. Is there of any difference what so ever in the faculty teaching star batch and other batches?

    No, all the faculties are experienced.
  16. 16. Is it justifiable to segregate batches in such a manner, as some students get all the focus of the faculty while other feel left out?

    In Allen the prime focus is to enhance the Academic level of students therefore even the pre-nurture wing focus on National Level exam in their domain but the also have to ensure that the level matches the capability & understanding of the student therefore the batches are made to bring out the best in each & every student.
  17. 17. Does Allen hold any PTMs to discuss the child’s performance?

    Yes, PTM are arranged at certain time interval & parents are informed regarding the same through messages & notices.
  18. 18. Is there any discount quota for teachers, defense personal, single mother etc., other institutes are providing with the same?

    No, there is no any provision such kind of discounts, but if there is any special case than it is decided by the senior authorities. Student is granted scholarship only on his/her merit.
  19. 19. Any discount of fee under any other clause?

    Yes, as per the scholarship criteria mentioned in our brochure.
  20. 20. Who is taking care of the grievance addressal of the child and parent regarding:

    • Academics- Faculty or Mr. Pushkar Rai (Centre Head
    • Transport- Mr. Akhilesh Jindal
    • Hostel- Mr. Saroj Rijal (Hostel In-charge)
    • Integrated Schools- Mr. A. K. Nanda & Front Office Team
  21. 21. When can the child come for collecting the uniform and other admission related procedures? (for out stationed parents)

    If parents are out stationed than according to the batch commencement date they can come 1 or 2 days before and collect the student kit.
  22. 22. Can parents have a stay or such other facilities in the child’s hostel?

  23. 23. Does Allen provide with guest house facility for out stationed parents?

  24. 24. What is the last date of fee payment?

    Two days before commencement date.
  25. 25. Can the child get direct admission without the test by paying full fee amount?

    No (At Chandigarh Centre).
  26. 26. What is the duration of academic session starting from 2nd April?

    As classes start in 1st week of April will continue till end of January for next year (Nurture Course) & (Enthusiast Course) syllabus is finished by the end of November and then NCERT/ Board pattern classes till board exams.
  27. 27. How much time is given to child to do the exam/board preparations?

    Approx 3 months for class 12th and one month for class 11th
  28. 28. How is Allen different from other institutions?

    Allen is different than other institutes because of faculties who are highly qualified and experienced, the management of Allen, Results of Allen where we are focusing on personal care of every child.
  29. 29. What is the quota system regarding PMT admission?

    It is suggested according to the schooling and domicile of students.
  30. 30. Which programs are provided by Allen?

    There are two types of programs.
    • C.C.P- Class Contact Program
    • D.L.P- Distance Learning Program
  31. 31. What is the difference between C.C.P & D.L.P?

    C.C.P- Where student is attending classes and clearing his doubts from faculties. The student is our regular student.

    D.L.P- Where student is getting our study material directly from Kota at their door step and with no provision for doubt clearance or group discussion

  32. 32. Is there any provision of joining any tests conducted by Allen if student is not studying here?

    Yes, in D.LP there is option of opting only test series or study material with test series (i.e. joint Package) as per student requirement.
  33. 33. Where will be the centre for tests for D.L.P students/ ASAT?

    Test Centers list is mentioned in the brochure and mentioned on Allen’s official website. Student can choose the center as per his/her comfort.
  34. 34. What is the difference between Allen Chandigarh & Allen kota?

    There is no difference between Allen Chandigarh and Allen Kota from the academic point of view. Major part of the faculties has been permanently shifted from Kota. Rest all system & Processes are the same and we exactly operate like Kota system, as it is a company owned center.
  35. 35. How frequently Allen conduct tests for students?

    Tests are conducted on alternate Sundays.
  36. 36. What are the different courses available in Allen?

    Nurture Course: Students joining in +1
    Enthuse Course: Students joining in +2
    Leader Course: Students who are going to drop one year due to any of the reason and prepare for competition
    Advance Batch or Course: Students of class 10 beginning preparation for +1 early

Advance Batch

  1. Advance batch is a batch which Allen starts probably by end of November. As we all know that syllabus of 10th and plus one is totally different so this will be working like a bridge to fill the gap ,students will be getting more time to interact with faculties ,getting more time to solve their doubts and students will be having more clarity on the topics which they are going to start in April or Phase I.
  2. 1. What is the Fee Structure for Advance batch?

    It is decided by the management or senior authorities.
  3. 2. What will be the mode of Fee deposition Cheque /DD/Cash?

    Cheque and DD
  4. 3. Which days are fixed for Advance batch?

    Monday, Friday and Saturday.
  5. 4. Can it be plan in weekend?

  6. 5. Is the advance batch fee refundable or adjustable in next session tuition fee ?

    Fee paid for advance batch will not be refundable but yes it will be adjusted in course fee.
  7. 6. How it is useful for out station students?

    As we know that no. of students from different states get free after November or in December and they can get benefit of this batch as they will get more time for revision for their competitive exams.
  8. 7. Is there any hostel facility for out station students those are joining advance batch?

    Yes , Hostel in charge Mr.Saroj Rijal will help students to find hostel.
  9. 8. What is the result of Chandigarh centre so far?

    International Olympiads -22 Selection

General Queries of the Parents Regarding Admission

  1. 1. How old has been the institute in the business?

    Allen is in Kota since 27 years and in Chandigarh since 3 years.
  2. 2. Why there is a Fee difference in same programs offered at Kota & Chandigarh?

    The difference is due to the infra structural cost and things varying in different cities.
  3. 3. What is Tallentex?

    TALLENTEX is the national level competition & encouragement exam to encourage the young talent with cash prize & scholarship. For more details visit: http://www.tallentex.com/about-tallentex.asp
  4. 4. If the child has given the Tallentex exam can he give other exam for getting admission or fee concession?

    Yes, he/ she can give other exams if he/she wants to improve performance; otherwise admission is possible on the behalf of Tallentex in a limited period of time mentioned as per Kota policies.


  1. 1. Does Allen Provide any transport facility, if required?

  2. 2. Does Allen have its own transport system? If not what is the reliability of the 3rd party involved?

    Allen shows full inchoative in 3rd party Transport & fully controls the administration.
  3. 3. What are the charges involved in the transport facility. Are there any hidden charges involved?

    Only single pick & drop for (Morning/Evening) Session as per the class schedule. Other Transport charges are additional such as school program, NCERT Classes etc.
  4. 4. Security concerns over transportation?

    Allen controls the Transport Administration for student safety in the Transport.
  5. 5. How is payment for transport to be made?

    By Cash, Cheque or DD in the name of 3rd party associated with Allen for transportation.
  6. 6. What time does the bus arrive at stop to pick up the student?

    Minimum 1 Hrs for Tri City & 1:30 to 1:45 hrs for out-skirts/ distant routes.
  7. 7. Concerned person taking care of complete transport wing?

    Mr. A.K Jindal


  1. 1. Does Allen provide assistance in getting schools in Chandigarh?

    Yes we do provide support for schools in Chandigarh and Punjab region
  2. 2. What Is the difference between Dummy schools and integrated school?

    Dummy school is where a child gets flexible admission and attends school only for one day a week or even in some school they appear only for the tests held at school. Particles are taken care by school. Integrated School program means where faculties take classes in the school premises and in school hours are.
  3. 3. What is the tentative fee for the schools?

    Different schools have different fees structure which can be confirmed from school only.
  4. 4. Board of affiliation of the Co-operative schools?

  5. 5. What Is the mode of payment of fee for these schools?

    As per school instructions.
  6. 6. Is there any difference in the fee in case of direct admission or admission through Allen?

  7. 7. Can the school fee be paid to Allen or submitted forward by Allen Institute?

    School fees are to be paid in school only as per school instructions.
  8. 8. What are provisions of practical classes and practical examination?

    School Practical will be taken care by the school throughout the year


  1. 1. Does Allen provide Hostels?

  2. 2. What is the tentative rent of the hostels?

    Our fixed rental is Rs. 4000 but there are different facilities charges ranging from Rs. 7000 to Rs. 12000. Students/ Parents interested in additional facilities can opt for the same.
  3. 3. What sort of security arrangements are made by Allen in their hostels?

    In/ out RECORDS
    Regular visit of ALLEN team (Surprise visits)
  4. 4. What sort of meal is provided to the children in the hostels?

    Vegetarian including milk /tea
  5. 5. The transport facility from the institute to the hostel is borne by?

  6. 6. Hostels are situated in nearby sectors or far ones?

    Within 1-3 km radius from the campus.
  7. 7. What sorts of facilities are provided to the students in the hostels?

    Study table /chair
  8. 8. Who is the person concerned for any of the hostel grievances?

    Mr. Saroj Rijal (Hostel In-charge)
  9. 9. List of the hostels and the address?

    Will be guided by the hostel in-charge
  10. 10. Where is the advance to be paid at the time of hostel Finalization?

    After discussion with the Hostel in-charge fee/ advance is paid to the respective owner/ Hostel in-charge
  11. 11. Can the parents pay Allen for the hostel charges?

  12. 12. What means can be used to pay the hostel charges?