Do You Know : 

Orientation Session

Orientation Session is our first introduction to parents and students. The session aims to brief the parents about ALLEN as a system, as a community, as a family, as an ultimate place where dreams are turned into reality.

The conclusion of the session sees the parents ensured that their child has now reached safe hands and would emerge as a winner in the race of life .

Classroom Session

Comprehensive Study Material

The study material that we provide is meticulously prepared by our experts to help students prepare subjectively for their exams. It is simplified yet comprehensive; specially tailored to give a leading edge to our students. This serves as a treasuretrove of concepts and questions.

Education with Indian values

We infuse Indian values in our students during classroom sessions to uphold our ethics and culture; this is done by regular prayer, oath, motivational talks and other similar endeavors.


Classes are held in morning and evening sessions. Separate Batches are formed for different Medium. Strength is accommodated in classrooms which are air-cooled and are equipped with Audio-Video systems.

build your concepts | blaze your own trail

Doubt Removal

Doubt removal counters are a unique platform that ALLEN offers to its students- so that their doubts are clarified,
concepts are strengthened and confidence is boosted up by our expert faculty members during one to one
interactions. This meticulously planned platform paves the beginning of progress, the genius of reason and the
pathway to success by clarifying the doubts from the very grass root level .

raise the doubt | get the solution | lead the way

Periodic Test & Result

Periodic Tests are taken at regular intervals to give ample practice to the students,
so that they learn to respond promptly to tricky questions within the defined time frame.

Regular Test

To provide proper examination temperament regular tests based on actual exam are designed by the senior faculties of ALLEN and prepare students to develop the temperament and the skill of facing target exam .

Test Result - (CSAT)

Students and parents can review students’ detailed performance analysis through web portal and mobile app, which helps in locating strong and weak areas for a better planning & the best performance.

examine your weakness | enhance your knowledge | excel in results

Open Session

Open Session & Medal Distribution to the Toppers of Regular Test

positive energy in action | energizing for future

Victory Celebration