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NEET is one of the toughest medical entrance exam conducted by National Testing Agency (NTA) and it has replaced all other individual examination conducted by state/colleges. Therefore, medical aspirant has to have sagacious approach in deep analysis of theory with dedicated practice and revision. So as to emerge victorious methods.


It encompasses three well researched & well planned phase that allow students to absorb the basic concepts in the beginning, brew advanced concepts & reflect them back at the competition.


Stress specially upon the concept building portion Students are adjudged on the basis of their zeal, grasping power & cerebral level, thus provided with right guidance to clear their fundamentals by expertfaculty team.


A development stage of students that requires backup and a bit of encouragement
Students are exposed to scientifically designed tests to incorporate the crucial competition edge in their studies.sss


Equipped with the best of fundamentals, the students are exposed to very frequent full length tests Uneven edges, if any, in their preparation is filled out. Thus, making themconfident on the day of exam.


Class lectures have been designed according to the latest pattern and level of NEET-UG delivered by our expert faculties.

5/6 days per week for class XI, XII & XII passed out students.

Total 4½ hours of classes per day

3 lectures of 90 mins each.

Revision Classes

Revision classes of selected topics are arranged regularly for the benefit of students.

Doubt Sessions

These sessions are regularly scheduled in Time Table and also separately arranged for those students who require extra assistance for clarification of their doubts. These sessions are optional.

Study Material

RACE–Regular Analysis Through Continuous Exercise.

Every topic is subsequently supported
by a RACE which is bunch of multiconceptual
problems design to give indepth
understanding to the subject &
improved speed through practice.

CBSE Compendium

Along with success in Pre-Medical
Entrance Tests we also wish that our
students should excel in their Board
Exams also. To enhance their result in
class XI & XII CBSE exams, special
CBSE Compendiums in Physics,
Chemistry & Biology are provided
with descriptive text and important
questions relevant to XI & XII CBSE

Question Banks

Regularly topic wise questions banks are
distributed to students in each subject
for ample practice which help them in
gaining confidence& command on
individual topics.

Hand books of Physics, Chemistry and Biologycontaining all important formula and concepts.

Topic wise previous ten year's CBSE questions and their solutions for all subjects.

Topic wise previous ten years NEET-UGquestions and their solutions for all subjects.

NCERT important questions and
their solutions for board preparation.


Test System

Periodic Tests are taken regularly to
give ample practice to the students as
to respond promptly to tricky
questions and manage speed and
time to help them to self evaluate for
NEET-UG and to identify weak area.

Minor Test

These tests are more confined to the
topics which are currently taught at
that time.

Major Test

These tests are conducted after
completion of syllabus to give final
touch to the main exam.

Board Pattern Test

Are designed according to the Board
syllabus to ensure best performance
of students in their Board exams along with NEET-UG.


A speical dedicated SRG Group
consisting of Top 5 ot 30 students
is formed to provide concentrated
efforts, highest academic and
administrative care to produce top
ranks .

Workshops for KVPY, OLYMPIAD
and other competitive exams are

Student Mentorship Programme

Mentorship program is a unique initiative in which a faculty member is assigned as a Mentor for each batch.

Mentor s prov ide academic guidance, personal care, regular individual counseling and motivation to student.

Open Session

Open Session is a grandiose event organised thrice a year, in which top performers of periodic tests are awarded “Saraswati Silver Medal”: This ceremony helps to instill and boost the confidence of the students.

Sanskar Mahotsav

Sanskar Mahotsav is an Annual traditional event that helps to channel ize the true devotion, spiritualize the minds and hearts of students through the series of divine devotional bhajans based on the supreme eternal music connecting each souls with the almighty.