ASAT & Scholarship

  1. 1. If my ward has already appeared in ASAT and got 40% scholarship, so it is applicable or not?

    Yes, you can now avail ASAT scholarship till 2nd May and deposit Fee Online through
  2. 2. Why are you not conducting ASAT for April Phase?

    Due to corona outbreak ASAT scheduled in March, April & May are postponed so there was no possibility of conducting any ASAT. And till lockdown all ASAT are cancelled.
  3. 3. I belong to Kota city, and my financial condition is not so good, and there is no scholarship test now, so how can I apply for any kind of relaxation?

    Scholarship test (for IIT) will be conducted in ALLEN study center city 2-3 days before offline class commencement date and students will be informed accordingly.
  4. 4. If a student has given ASAT in March and has scored 30% scholarship, will scholarship be applicable on current fee after the change in admission mode that is direct now?

    Yes you can avail ASAT Scholarship till 2nd May.

Course/Phase Change, Test Schedule

  1. 1. I belong to Jaipur and got admission in Kota and want to change my study centre to Jaipur. Is there any facility available here? And are there any extra charges applicable or not?

    You can send your request to us over email at
  2. 2. If we are taking direct admission then what are the scholarship criteria?

    Scholarship test will be conducted in ALLEN study center city for IIT & PNCF 2-3 days before class commencement date and students will be informed accordingly.
  3. 3. I want to change my stream from IIT-JEE to NEET (UG) because I filled the form without checking it for ASAT 29 march?

    Send us your request on email at

  4. 4. Does ALLEN provide any test series for student who is undergoing in 12th preparing for IIT/Medical?

    Yes we are providing Online Drill Tests. You can visit


  1. 1. I already appeared in ASAT examination but not qualified, now the admission is direct so can I take admission on my previous form?

    Yes you can take direct admission on same ALLEN Form Number.
  2. 2. In case of online registration after the course commencement will it be possible to fill an Online Form from Allen info App for 350/- or the students need to fill it from website only for 500/-?

    Yes you can fill online application form through ALLEN Info & Admission App (Rs. 350/-) and our website (Rs. 500/-)

COVID-19 (Student Safety)

    1. What steps you are taking to save the student from covid-19 because student will come from each and every STATE?

    Classroom strength will be adjusted accordingly. Sanitization will be done regularly.

Fee & Refund

  1. 1. I already submitted the fee for my ward, but I’m not sure to send him to Kota for further study's because of the Pandemic Situation, what are your refund criteria?

    Refund criteria is same as per given on our website.
  2. 2. What is the gap between 2 instalments?

    Last dates to deposit instalments are available on website.
  3. 3. Can I send refund request from E-Mail?

    Though refund request is not acceptable through email or call. But you can send your request over email. We will forward your request to accounts and do our best to serve you.
  4. 4. I have taken admission in ALLEN for now, but looking at the current situation if lockdown continues than I dont want to continue with online classes and want my refund back? What will be the criteria?

    Refund criteria is same as per mentioned on our website.
  5. 5. As you know that due to lockdown period, business was also affected, so how will I pay huge amount of Course fee?

    We have updated our Fee Instalment (Kota, Jaipur, Mumbai, Pune, Chandigarh, Mohali & Panchkula).
  6. 6. What is the duration or last date to pay the 2nd instalment as 1st instalment I already paid in January for IIT Nurture Phase-2 for Kota Centre?

    Fee deposition dates will be according to the class commencement dates.
  7. 7. If a student has submitted token amount of 30000/- on the basis of Tallentex, what amount we have to pay for the completion of 1st instalment in case of instalment paid at Jaipur/Mumbai/ Pune center?

    Student will have to pay remaining Amount. Please visit our website for Fee Details.

Commencement Date & Class Schedule

  1. 1. If the lockdown is extended then what will you do?

    We will arrange for video lectures till lockdown. Once the lockdown is removed we will resume for classroom lectures. Students will get information accordingly.
  2. 2. What is your class strength now? Have you reduce the batch size, because of this situation.

    As of now classroom lectures have not started. Once the classroom lectures are started, strength will be according to prevailing conditions.
  3. 3. What if I join the course of JEE (M+A), JEE (M), NEET UG Nurture course on 30th April. Do you provide extra classes for the classes which are already started?

    Offline class commencement dates will be announced after lockdown is removed. Complete syllabus will be covered in classes.
  4. 4. What is the Course Commencement date of Enthusiast course of JEE (M+A), JEE (M) as date of 2nd phase of both the courses were 03/04/2020 and 06/04/2020 respectively?

    New Class Commencement dates have been announced. Kindly visit course pages of our website.
  5. 5. If you are taking direct Admission then how you can allot the batch for my WARD?

    For courses (IIT & PNCF) where admission mode is through ASAT, SCHOLARSHIP test will be conducted. Batches will be allotted based on performance in that test. In courses where Admission Mode is Direct, batches will be allotted randomly.
  6. 6. Can you give me permission for depositing Course fee in more than 2 instalments?

    You can check our website for our fee structure. We have updated our Fee Structure (Kota (PNCF), Jaipur, Mumbai, Pune, Chandigarh, Mohali & Panchkula).
  7. 7. What about batches regarding full English medium in NEET and JEE (M+A)?

    New course details will be announced after lockdown.
  8. 8. What’s about students of Spark Course, will it resume after lockdown?

    Classes will be scheduled after lockdown. If Video lectures are arranged students will be informed accordingly.
  9. 9. Is there any change in class venue as phase 1 will be started after 14 April?

    As per now class venue will be same as before.
  10. 10. When will the course end for IIT/Medical Enthusiast Phase?

    Complete syllabus will be covered in classes. Course ending dates are same as of now, any changes will be announced later.
  11. 11. Is there any update for revision class or doubt session for preparing NEET exam if student already studying in ALLEN Medical Enthusiast course?

    Present dates are already postponed. Revision classes will be announced after lockdown as per the prevailing conditions. Students will be informed accordingly.
  12. 12. If a student is coming after 4 days of class commencement date, how we can help him in completing his left syllabus

    Doubt counters facility will be available for students.