CLAT Spark

10th to 11th Moving Students
(Duration : 24 Months)
Target: Dec 2025


CLAT Learner

12th Appearing Students
(Duration : 12 Months)
Target: Dec 2024


CLAT Leader

12th Pass Students
(Duration : 12 Months)
Target: Dec 2024


About Us

Building upon ALLEN’s legacy of three decades, ALLEN ACE CLAT brings the best academic system and the best commitment to care around the clock for students and parents.

Highly Experienced Faculty

Our team of faculty members for CLAT & other law entrance exams has coached thousands of students to succeed in prestigious law entrance exams like CLAT, AILET, SLAT, LSAT, MAHCET, etc. Our team comprises members who were responsible for coaching students to reach the top ranks. We maintain an optimum student-teacher ratio and our full-time faculty member walks the extra mile to ensure that the students reach the absolute heights of their potential.

Comprehensive Study Material & Mock Tests

We boast of study material that comes directly from our teachers to ensure that there isn’t a disconnect between the teachings and the practice. This ensures that they’re both extensions of each other and the students can freely approach the teachers about the problems they face. Each module, mock, and handout is prepared with intense care and designed in a way to stimulate students’ learning.

Personalised Learning / Mentoring

There is no single teaching methodology that can be said to be enough. Each student is different; as a result, each student’s requirements are different. We, at ALLEN, have come up with a system where each faculty member focuses on the needs of many without compromising the quality or the standards. To us, each student is equally important and deserving of our undivided attention.

Infrastructure & Technologically Enriched Learning

We have state-of-the-art infrastructure suited to meet all educational needs of the students so that the overall coaching experience is enhanced. Our learning is not limited to the classroom. We have created a structure that maximises learning in a holistic and advanced manner for the students.

Admission Counselling

While we fulfil all the academic needs of students to successfully crack the entrance exams and land in the law school of one’s dreams, we also ensure that aspirants have accurate information regarding the law schools, their rankings and their career prospects so that they are able to make an informed decision regarding their choice of college. To achieve this, we conduct admission counselling sessions and form-filling sessions to avoid unnecessary trouble and to secure their candidature.

Student Care

ALLEN is not just there for your child’s academic advancement. We understand that a student requires more than just academic learning and make sure that the student is always taken care of in every manner, even emotionally. Our teachers are always approachable, and the students can be counselled by them whenever required.

Parents Orientation / Meeting

The secret to a student’s success lies in their close circuit i.e., their parents and other family members. The teachers, in turn, make sure that the parents are involved in and aware of the students’ development by holding an orientation for the parents and maintaining contact with them through various meetings.


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