Law as a Career

“LAW: Where Passion Meets Purpose and Justice Finds a Voice!”

In today's times, law, as a profession, is in extreme demand because of how exciting, lucrative, ambitious, unassuming, and diligent it is. A lawyer gets to be at the core of all the changes happening in the country, and sometimes even the world. The law is the ultimate backstage pass since it encompasses everything. If you wish to start a company, you'll need a lawyer sooner or later. If you're a Fortune 500 company, you'll need an entire army of lawyers. If you want to marry, hire, or fire a person without consequences, you once again need a lawyer.

In earlier times, at the mention of a lawyer, people could only imagine a sombre person in a black coat representing a client in his court case. Now, one doesn't even need to practice law traditionally once you finish your law degree from prestigious National Law Universities and other law colleges, since you have numerous opportunities in corporate, civil service, judiciary, journalism, etc.


If you choose litigation as an independent counsel for your career, you will be appearing as an advocate before various courts, including trial courts, high courts, tribunals, and the Supreme Court, to secure the rights of clients in matters related to criminal law, civil law, constitutional law, commercial law, family law, etc.


One of the most preferred destinations for a lawyer. The firms are generally of two types: (a) Litigation and (b) Corporate. It is a group of lawyers specialising in a particular law or a bunch of laws and doing a variety of work. While a litigation lawyer would be responsible for making strategies to win a legal battle, a corporate lawyer would find himself occupied with providing legal support to expensive business deals protecting the rights of corporations. Giant corporations and business houses are the clients of law firms.

In-house Counsel

A lawyer who works for a certain corporation exclusively to provide legal the support. The job includes ensuring all legal compliance for a company to keep it away from disputes in the future, and if there is a dispute, finding a legal way to bring the company out of it.

Legal Process Outsourcing

You will be serving clients located in another country and will be working closely with attorneys from different jurisdictions.

Judicial Services

You may wish to be on the other side of the courtroom and be a judge. If you would like to do justice and give back to society by using the powers and authority the law provides, a career in the judiciary is right for you.


Sharing knowledge with others is one of the noblest things to do. You can teach at law schools, universities, colleges, test prep institutes, etc. Remarkable research and presentation skills are a must.

International Lawyer

Lawyers from India frequently find work outside in countries like Singapore, UAE, UK, Europe, U.S., Australia, Canada and many more, where they get to do all that a lawyer can do in India.

Social Cause/ NGOs

A legal practice to help protect the environment, rights of women, children, the elderly, and the poor is such an area that has drawn the attention of lawyers worldwide. You may associate with many NGOs working in distinct fields to make the world a better place.

Legal Journalism

A career option that has recently gained popularity is being a legal journalist. You may simply study the laws or latest court judgements and make them reach the masses through print media, websites, blogs, or YouTube. You may become an author, publisher, or editor for legal news and developments across the globe.

Public Sector Institutions

The trend has changed and now lawyers find lucrative options to work in various government or publicly funded institutions. Public sector banks, insurance companies, power & energy companies, etc. offer jobs to lawyers to stay legally secure in all their transactions.

Higher Education

One can go for higher education to pursue a masters or doctorate in law from an Indian or even a foreign law school and can also get handsome scholarships if found to be the right candidate. This is one of the most common ways to make a career in law in a foreign land.

Civil Services

As said earlier, there is so much to do with a law degree; one can even aspire to become a civil servant by cracking the UPSC or state-level examinations.