Course Online Course
Syllabus Covered NCERT NCERT + Olympiads
Science, Maths, English & SST (as per NCERT Syllabus) & Mental Ability Science, Maths, English & SST (as per NCERT Syllabus) & Mental Ability
Mode of Admission Direct Admission
Mode of Study LIVE Lectures
Medium of Study English (Lectures will be provided in Complete English Language and Literature will also be in English language)
Bilingual (Lectures will be provided in English & Hindi Mixed Language and Literature will be in English language)
Classes At ALLEN App/Portal
Course Duration Upto February / March 2023
Study Material Digital Study Material

Pre Nurture Online Course - Class VI

Commencement Dates

Course Name Phase Commencement
Course Code Admission
Medium Last Date of
Last Date of Refund
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  1. In Live Courses, Live Video Lectures will be provided to the student throughout the Session: 2022-23.

Fee Structure

Course Name Phase Lumpsum Amount Deductible In Refund
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Note :
  1. Total Amount is inclusive of GST @ 18% (Present Rate). Fee can be changed, if there is levy/change in taxes by the Central/State Govt.