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Get up to 90% Scholarship

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  • Best And Stable Faculty

    ALLEN stands proud on a very strong pool of well-qualified, experienced, dedicated and hardworking professionals who are passionate for teaching.

  • Student Oriented System

    Each and every student is considered as an important asset to the institution and we prepare them for life
    by developing in them - an analytical mind, the
    right attitude and a spirit of goodness backed by
    academic excellence.

  • Courses For Competitive World

    Our courses are comprehensive yet simple-to match the potent of the students and are ever evolving to match the changing patterns of the competitive examinations.

  • Positive Environment

    The ultimate learning in the students is much influenced by the surroundings they live in. To make learning all
    the more effective and long lasting, we infuse the
    environment with positivity; the students thus treat
    positivity as their companion.

  • State-Of-The-Art-Technologies

    We provide students with the relevant and essential
    technological infrastructure in order to make the
    academic and administrative process efficient and

  • Emphasis On Education With Values

    To fine tune the learning of students with our Indian values, we lay great emphasis on imparting values and moral education during each interaction that we have with our students.

  • Indiscriminate Teaching

    Irrespective of the performance, potential and efficiency of the students, ALLEN governs a disciplined and unique
    system of teaching; keeping in mind - every child is unique.

  • Platform To Explore Oneself

    With a view that each student has latent potential and aspires to get the best in the chosen field, we not only guide students for academic excellence but also contribute to their overall personality development.

  • Most Trusted Institute

    ALLEN has proven track records and acts as motivating force for students.