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Get up to 90% Scholarship

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Lectures of 90 minutes each,
are designed according to the pattern
and level of NEET-UG and delivered by
our esteem faculties.

Lecture Classes

Lectures of 90 minutes each,
are designed according to the pattern
and level of NEET-UG and delivered by
our esteem faculties.

Doubt Removal Sessions

These sessions are regularly scheduled
in Time Table and also separately
arranged for those students who require
extra assistance for clarification of their
doubts. These sessions are optional.

Board Classes

It is flexible programme in which
multiple options are given to students
to attend concise board classes of
entire syllabus of Physics, Chemistry,
Biology, English and Physical Education
(as per their time suitability) to enhance
their performance in board exams.

Study Material

RACE-Regular Analysis through
Continuous Exercise

Every topic is subsequently supported
by a RACE which is a bunch of
multi-conceptual problems, designed
to give in-depth understanding to the
subject & improve speed through

Topicwise Subject Modules

ALLEN provides Modules which is
topic wise booklet design according to
the syllabus of NEET-UG consisting of
different exercises containing
different types of conceptual, tricky &
brain storming questions covering all
the possible arena of the problems
which may be asked in forth coming
exams including previous year’s
NEET-UG questions.

Question Banks

Regularly topic wise questions
banks are distributed to students
in each subject for ample practice
which help them in gaining
confidence & command on
individual topics.

Hand books of Physics, Chemistry and Biology containing all important formulae and concepts.

Topic wise previous ten years CBSE question bank and their solutions.

Topic wise previous ten years NEET-UG question bank and their solutions.

NCERT important questions and
their solutions for board preparation

Board Worksheets and Booklets
to develop writing skills as required
in Board Exams .

PEAK (Progressive Enhancement of Analytical Knowledge) Special 100 quesitons bunch in different topcis are given to increase analytical ability.

Test System

Periodic Tests are taken regularly to
give ample practice to the students as
to respond promptly to tricky
questions and manage speed and
time to help them to self evaluate for
NEET-UG and to identify weak area.

Minor Test

These tests are more confined to the
topics which are currently taught at
that time.

Major Test

These tests are conducted after
completion of syllabus to give final
touch to the main exam.

Board Pattern Test

Are deisgned according to the Board
syllabus to ensure best performance of
students in their Board exams .

Pre-Semester Test

A set of tests strictly according to
ensure best performance in Board .


A special dedicated SRG Group
consisting of Top 5 to 30 students
is formed to provide concentrated
efforts, highest academic and
administrative care to produce top

Workshops for KVPY, OLYMPIAD
and other competitive exams are

Student Mentorship Programme

ALLEN-Papa (ALLEN Care Unit)
We are even alert about the various
academic & administrative problems
of our students for which we have
designed an escort team of our faculty
members and administrative staff so
as to make the students feel at home
away from home.