Pre-Nurture & Career Foundation



Teaching Methodology

Session 2022-23


Our Pre-Nurture & Career Foundation (PNCF) division at ALLEN vadodara is outfitted with the most experienced faculty team of the country. We explain basics to the PNCF students of class 6th to 10th in a very simple manner through illustrations. Systematic classes and the timely syllabus completion give sufficient time to them for self-study and thorough practice at home.

Our PNCF courses are best in its perfectionism and proficient to direct students to the height of their preparation for Olympiads in conjunction with covering school level education. Our key focus here is to guide and prepare the students all over the year for their school exams or board exams with NTSE exams and various national or international Olympiads such as NSEP/B/C/A, JSO, NMTC, RMO and private Olympiads like IMO, NSO, ANCQ, NSTSE etc.

ALLEN is the most preferred coaching institute aimed to give better quality of supervision not only in academics, but also in overall development of students. Our study modules are developed for school level studies and Olympiad level studies in accordance with their different needs.

Our teaching methodology help the PNCF students to attain the best in their career with the self-reliance and also outfit them effectively with the knowledge required to build strong aptitude, logical skills and optimistic personality together with social development. At ALLEN vadodara, we concentrate on preparing students from the basics and make them understand each topic to grass root level, which helps them to completely understand the subject well and in a shorter period. Consequently, students are capable to devote more time on practicing more difficult problems to develop a full command on the key concepts and eventually realize their goal.