Do You Know : 

Starting the Course Support Classes in Online Mode till lifting of Lock Down followed by ALLEN Regular Classes (An arrangement in reference to CORONA threat directives by Government w.e.f. March 2020)

  1. Purpose
    1. This initiative is to provide an option to concerned Parents and students who are aspiring to join course at ALLEN Nagpur Center and wish to start course by studying from home till Lock Down with guided studies in order to secure academic preparation.
    2. ALLEN is starting the scheduled course with Online Classes during Lock Down and the course will be conducted in regular classroom mode upon the normalization of official working according to future Directives by Government related to Corona threat.
  2. Admission & FEE plan:
    1. If you are a student who has already appeared in an ASAT (ALLEN Scholarship Admission Test) for session 2020-21 and you are taking admission as per your ASAT result then you simply have to deposit your fee as per prevailing ALLEN fee structure.
    2. If you are a student who has NOT appeared in any previous ASAT or is NOT availing result of any previous ASAT then you have to fill our admission form and deposit the 1st Installment amount. Once the lockdown is lifted we will conduct a Special Scholarship Test, the scholarship availed in it will be adjusted in the second installment. In case you want to pay the fee in a Lumpsum then the scholarship availed in the Special Scholarship Test will be refunded back to your account after completing the procedure guided by us:

Fee Applicable for Various Courses

Division Class Commencement Date 1st Instalment 2nd Instalment Total Amount
PNCF VIII 01/06/2020 32000 21000 53000
PNCF IX 01/06/2020 37000 24000 61000
PNCF X 01/06/2020 47000 24000 71000
NEET XI (Nurture) 01/06/2020 85000 50000 135000
NEET XII (Enthusiast) 07/04/2020 85000 50000 135000
JEE (M+A) XI (Nurture) 01/06/2020 102000 50000 152000
JEE (M+A) XII (Enthusiast) 07/04/2020 102000 50000 152000
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If Total Amount Payable in Lump-sum (one time)
For Class VIII Rebate of 2000/- will be given
For Class IX & X Rebate of 3000/- will be given
For Class XI & XII Rebate of 6000/- will be given