I had always dreamt high, always wanted to achieve every possible target of my age, in terms of the entrances of India and admits into US colleges. However, I was not sure how I would manage it all. Allen Global Studies Division (AGSD) served as an absolute backbone and gave me the confidence, courage, and of course the right guidance and resources towards what I WANTED TO DO. My mentors are exceptional individuals who know how to carve the child's path keeping in mind her wishes, capacity, limitations, and future prospects. They helped me in every aspect of the application process, from choosing which colleges were best for me, making timelines, going over my essays, and destressing me from time to time. At any time of the day, I had them to reach out to for help, and they were always on toes for me. I am very grateful to AGSD for making me who I am today.

Stuti Khandwala
MIT (Class of ‘23); also got admit from CalTech

College application for US universities is very different from the exam based process in India and thus it makes it very difficult to complete an application worthy of approval by solo effort. This is where I got very useful help from the Global Division at Allen in writing the essays and all other application stuff which made my application to MIT better than what it would have been. I also got excellent training for the SAT and TOEFL tests which are a requirement when applying for foreign universities. This helped me strengthen my English and achieve a good score in those tests which has definitely contributed to making my application attractive to prospective universities (MIT in my case). I would like to sincerely thank AGSD for all the help and support I received from them.

Dhyey Sankalp Gandhi
MIT (Class of '23)

Like most of the students preparing for JEE, I was finding it difficult to get time to manage my applications for other universities. I am very grateful to mentors at Allen Global Studies Division , who not only helped me prepare for the SAT but also took the burden of reminding me of deadlines when a particular application was due. Precisely they know it well what, when and how to do and what not to. Thank you for making me what I am today!

Lay Jain
MIT (Class of '22)

AGSD supported me at every stage of application – starting with identification of professional goals, building profile suiting my personality type and goal that we decided, taking into consideration our financial status, appropriate university selection for application, applying to foreign universities, helping me in essays and more. More than that, it was the continuous motivation and unending support that gave me the necessary boost to go ahead with my dream of pursuing UG from world’s best universities. AGSD Mentors are very professional yet friendly. I thank AGSD for all their support.

Shreyans Babel
UMass, Amherst (Class of ‘23) Also got admits from ANU, McGill, UCSD, UBC, Penn State, UC-Davis, Purdue and more

As a middle schooler, the best STEM higher education I knew of was IITs. I went to Kota to compete with many others pursuing the same dream. However, while in Kota, I learnt about education abroad, and its ever growing significance in today’s context. Then, after being referred to, I met my mentors. Then my life changed for the good. They helped me through every step of US university applications–SAT/TOEFL preparation, application essays, interview preparation and much more. They worked selflessly and diligently to help me get admits. The whole application process would be, if not impossible then definitely sub-par without their help! My mentors did not only help me with the application but also encouraged and supported me psychologically to pursue my US university dream and turn it into a reality. I definitely wouldn't be where I am currently, at Purdue University studying Computer Science with minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, without their help and support. Now I genuinely believe in the motto "Allen Hai To Mumkin Hai!"

Kirtan Kalaria
Purdue, CS (Class of ‘22)

It is not by sheer luck or chance that your child achieves his dream stream but it is the combined effort of teachers, students and parents. In our case we are sincerely grateful to Allen Global Studies Division (AGSD), Kota for enlightening and encouraging my son Vatsal Gupta to fulfil his dreams. He is pursuing Aero-Space Engineering from T.U. Delft, Netherlands [Which is actually a dream come true].

It was by chance that we got acquainted with the institute in the mid session of class XII. We thought it was too late for preparing for international universities admission but AGSD not only gave great contribution in building his profile, in such a short time but also helped him in improving his skills for taking TOEFL and ACT. They vigorously searched various renowned international universities [including T.U. Delft] suitable for him and assisted in filling and submitting the application for admission. The procedure was new to him but the mentors were available even in the mid of night to help him. They also gave him tips for efficiently taking JEE, VITEE and XII Board exams. They encouraged him to try for various scholarships programmes available internationally. It is obvious that the mentors not only consider the intellectual aspect of a student but also financial affordability of the guardians.

We could say that they stimulated the dormant wave in Vatsal to propagate in multi-dimension resulting in his intensified persona. The change in his personality, confidence, creativity [writing skills] after their encouragement could be clearly inferred. They made him aware of various competitions and the eligibility criteria required for admissions in various universities and polished his psyche, soma and skills to easily fit in the requirement.

They created a spark in him not by tough disciplined teaching methodology but by fun, cool & friendly way; so their most efficient part was that everything was done by pressure-free way, in a time when the students face great stress in this competitive world.

I could not describe their contribution in moulding my son’s future in few words, there is more to say. I am heartily thankful to them in their hard work and genuine effort to support my son’s career building.

Utkarsh Gupta
Father of Vatsal Gupta, pursuing Aerospace Engineering at T U, Delft

Allen Global Studies Division is an encouraging platform for all the students to truly make their dreams come true. With the constant support provided here, my journey to get into MIT became smooth and joyful.

They helped me with mentorship, application process, essays and interview preparations. My mentors have relentlessly worked to strengthen my profile. They meticulously drew plans for my standardized test preparation, activities and internship courses without disturbing my regular studies and preparation for Medical entrance examinations. I wouldn’t be here without their guidance and support. Thank you AGSD.

Mudita Goyal
MIT (Class of '24)

Allen's Global Studies Division has made the impossible seem possible by helping me throughout the application process. They have helped me by reviewing my essays and providing drafts for LORs which has enabled me to submit a competent application while equally being able to focus on studying for competitive examinations in India.

They are well versed with the knowledge of universities, their requirements and processes. The best part was they were always available at any time of the day to help me.

Aryaman Bhutani
Imperial College London (Class of ’24)
Also got admit from The University of Edinburgh