Students who want to study medicine after their 12th must take the National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET). It is one of the most difficult entrance tests in India, with lakhs of medical students taking it every year. To give an estimate, over 18 lakh students appeared in the NEET 2023.

With such a high level of competition, NEET may be stressful and overwhelming for most students. But, some specific things that must be followed before and during the NEET exam by every student in order to get high scores.

Knowing and following NEET do's & don'ts can help students avoid common mistakes and set themselves apart from the crowd. There are several rules that must be followed, and certain habits must be broken. In this article, we will discuss those pointers that students who are NEET aspirants should keep in mind.

Do’s For NEET Exam

● Prepare a Timetable

The first and most important step is to prepare a study plan that includes all important topics. Every topic should be divided in such a way that each topic gets adequate attention from the candidate. The timetable works as a roadmap that ensures that a student's time is managed well and that there is less uncertainty regarding preparations.

● Maintain Discipline

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments." Maintaining discipline throughout the preparation days will considerably benefit the students. After creating a study plan, applicants must keep discipline and carry it out strictly.

● Break Down the NEET Syllabus

The NEET 2023 syllabus is extensive. Hence, using a regular technique to cover every topic would not be particularly effective. The NEET exam syllabus can be divided into smaller sections, and students can study each topic separately. Hence, the pressure on the students to complete their full syllabus at once will be reduced.

● Practise Diligently

Students must keep in mind the level of complexity and competitiveness that NEET involves, and they must practise and revise each topic properly. As students study new topics, they must also keep on practising previous concepts. To maintain pace with the material they already read, practise the formulae, fundamental ideas, and crucial concepts each week. As students advance in their studies, they should complete chapter-by-chapter assessments each week.

● Make Notes

Due to the extensive syllabus of the NEET Exam 2023, students can forget what they have learned. Therefore, they should keep a notepad and try to jot down all of the relevant topics in their own words. Writing once rather than reading 10 times is always better. Write down all of the shortcut approaches and underline the most common and important questions from the exam.

● Stay Relaxed - Maintain Mental & Physical Well-being

Maintaining good physical and mental health is important when preparing for NEET. It is important to remain calm during the exam preparation and especially on the day of the exam. A little negligence might cost the applicants an entire academic year.

Don'ts For NEET Exam

● Avoid Comparison with Others

It is important to avoid comparing academic success to that of friends and classmates. While it's important to participate in constructive discussions with competitors and friends, students should have faith in their planning and stick to their NEET preparation strategy. Comparing with others may lead to a loss of confidence and panic before the examination.

● Avoid Putting Things Off

The syllabus contains certain topics that could seem exceedingly challenging to comprehend. In these situations, students should make sure that they don't skip anything and that any questions or doubts are resolved as soon as possible. Avoid procrastination since it will lead to problems in the long term.

● Maintain Confidence

No matter how overwhelming the complexity level of the problem feels, students should never lose trust in themselves. Put all the effort into working hard, identifying the areas of weakness, and improving.

Things to Do a Day Before NEET Exam

Prepare in Advance- Students should fill their bags with the essentials required to bring to the exam room and the appropriate paperwork to avoid the last-minute rush. Before entering the exam room, students must make sure they have everything they need, including an admission card, pen, and other important supplies.

Visit the Exam Center- Students are advised to visit the exam centre and check how long it will take them to get there.

Get Enough Sleep- Get plenty of rest and sleep comfortably on the day before the exam. Maintaining concentration and remaining calm during the exam is essential for every student.

Read the Admit Card instructions- The admission card will contain all of the instructions that must be followed on exam day. Students must read it completely and strictly adhere to it.

Don'ts Before NEET Exam

Avoid New topics- Do not start anything new before the exam. Even though the subject appears to be vital, it will cause undue anxiety. Students should complete the full NEET curriculum ahead of time. Leave them aside if they are unable to learn anything.

Do Not Carry Prohibited Items- Be cautious about bringing objects that have been prohibited by the NEET exam conducting authorities. The candidacy will be revoked if students are found carrying any prohibited items, including Digital devices, Calculators, Pendrive, Mobile Phones, etc.

Do’s on the Day of the NEET Exam

  • Ideally, students should arrive at the exam location one hour before the exam. They need to go through some checks before entering the examination hall, so being on time is advantageous to prevent any last-minute complications.
  • As soon as students have the OMR form, carefully read the instructions before starting to fill it out.
  • Remain silent and pay attention to the questions being asked; this will help manage the time more efficiently.

Don'ts on the Day of NEET Exam

  • Don’t haste while reading the exam instructions.
  • Refrain from discussing with other students about the question paper.
  • Don’t forget to take permission from the invigilator before leaving the test room. Students should not leave the exam room unless they have completed all of the formalities as instructed by the invigilator.

We really hope that these enlisted Do’s and Don'ts will assist you in forming an opinion on what you should do throughout NEET test preparation and the NEET exam. We wish you good luck with the NEET Exam.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

On the day of the exam, you must enter the exam centre with both your NEET admit card and a government-issued ID. You will not be allowed to enter the centre if you are unable to provide both.

Along with the admit cards, candidates are required to bring the following document:
  • A passport-size photograph is attached to the admit card.
  • Bring one photograph to be put on the attendance sheet.
  • Any approved picture identification card - Aadhaar card with photo/PAN card/Driving licence/Passport/Voter ID. It must be unique, valid, and not expired.

Need not worry! As a copy of the admit card is provided to the registered email ID, candidates can download it and take the printout
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