The JEE Advanced 2023 exam is scheduled for 4th June 2023. It is considered one of the country's toughest entrance exams and the number of students applying for this exam increases each year. With that, the competition for getting into some of India’s best IIT colleges is also increasing.

JEE Advanced Preparation - Start Preparing Early for Assured Success

Students are left wondering how to clear the exam on their first attempt and secure their seats in one of the IITs. Often, they give up without even trying because they feel like they’re not competent enough to get into the top institutes of the nation. The first step in JEE Advanced preparation strategy is to get the right guidance and have confidence in yourself.

It is essential for the candidates to design the perfect strategy and start the preparation to get into their dream college. Start preparing for JEE as early as possible without any delay to get a hold of the maximum syllabus.

How to Prepare for JEE 2023 (Advanced)?

Candidates who want to pass the JEE Advanced 2023 exam must start studying right away. The JEE Advanced 2023 syllabus is extensive, therefore it could take a while to go over everything. After the preparation is finished, the revision must come next. Students must simultaneously concentrate on the board exams as well, as the syllabus is also somewhat similar. Therefore, it's crucial to use your time wisely because doing so will ease your burden. Students should reduce stress, make the most of the time at hand, and consistently study for exams.

JEE Advanced 2023 Preparation TimeTable (Study Plan)

While preparing for JEE Advanced 2023, candidates can follow a preparation timetable as mentioned below:

. Wake Up - 6.30 AM

Waking up early is a good habit for students since they can try to do some meditation and yoga. This helps boost their mental strength and also improves their concentration level. That would be a good start to their day, full of studying.

. Get Ready and Go to School - 7.30 AM

After getting ready, it's time for candidates to go to school. It is important to pay attention in classes and make notes as this would help improve their board exam scores.

. Lunch and Rest - 2.30 PM

After coming home from school, students can have lunch and take an hour to relax or take a power nap.

. Study Time - 3.30 PM

It's time to start studying for JEE Advanced 2023. You can study according to your daily study plan as mentioned above or as per your plan. By following the study plan, candidates can manage their time well and study with full dedication. It is also important to take short breaks of 5 minutes every hour, just to give the mind some rest.

. Dinner - 8.30 PM

At 8.30 PM, candidates can take a break from studying and have dinner. They can relax and do other activities like watching the news or playing something.

. Study Time - 9.30 PM

It's time to study again! Candidates can go over any topic that’s left for the day.

. Revision - 10.30 PM

After completing every topic on the study plan, s

Essential Tips & Tricks for JEE Advanced Preparation

The preparation strategy for JEE Advanced may vary for each candidate. This is because the capabilities, grasping power, study methods and lifestyles of every student are different. However, every candidate can follow some preparation tips and strategies that have worked for each student.
Here are some tips on how to prepare for the JEE Advanced 2023 exam:

  1. Learning about the Exam Pattern and the Syllabus - The first and foremost step in the JEE Advanced 2023 Preparation Strategy is to become familiar with the exam pattern and the syllabus for the exam. Going through this will give candidates an idea about the type of questions that are asked in the exam and all the important topics that they need to study while preparing. They will also learn about the marking scheme, weightage for different types of questions and the marks weightage.
  2. Preparing a Study Plan - After going through the pattern and the syllabus, candidates must prepare a study plan for all three subjects i.e. Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. This will help them dedicate sufficient time to each subject and prepare well.
  3. Setting Daily Targets - After preparing a study plan, it is important to set daily targets for two reasons -
    1. the whole syllabus would get divided into small bits, making it easier to fulfil the daily target, and
    2. candidates will stay more focused and dedicated.
    However, students are advised to not set unrealistic daily targets as it may make them feel like they’re not able to reach their goals.
  4. Solving Numerical Problems - While preparing the topics from the syllabus, candidates must make sure that they solve as many numerical problems as possible and not leave them to the last minute. This will help them apply the concepts that they’re learning since the JEE Advanced exam is focused on the application of these concepts.
  5. Attempting Mock Tests - The more practice examinations the students take, the more proficient they will become. This is simply because the mock test offers a simulated exam environment where the students can experiment, test various problem-solving strategies, and develop time management skills. Additionally, problem-solving speed and accuracy both significantly improve! Hence, taking mock tests is essential while preparing for JEE Advanced.
    You can check out our mock test series at ALLEN, the best IIT coaching. We have created this mock test series as per the latest exam patterns while covering every bit of the syllabus.
  6. Identifying Strengths & Weaknesses - For perfect scores, perfect preparation is also necessary, which is why students need to identify their strengths and weaknesses while preparing for the JEE Advanced exam. Candidates can do so by giving mock tests of ALLEN. This will help them focus on their weak areas and practise more.
  7. Referring to Previous Years' Question Papers - This is the most popular preparation method for several other national-level competitive exams as well as JEE 2022 Mains and Advanced. It is because answering questions from earlier exams provides a wealth of useful information about the test. Examining prior years' question papers will help you learn more about the format of the questions, the types of questions, the topics that were preferred, the distribution of questions by subject, and much more.

JEE Advanced Preparation Tips & Strategies by Toppers

Since it is difficult to study for so long with the same degree of focus, students who have been studying for JEE since Class 9 or Class 11 require a lot of motivation. To help these students, here are some tips and strategies from toppers of JEE Advanced:

  1. Avoid being Stressed Out - To successfully do well in the JEE Advanced exam, it is important to avoid taking too much stress. With hard work, confidence, and a good preparation strategy, every candidate can do well in the exam.
  2. Avoid Distractions - It is easy to get distracted while studying , due to smartphones and social media. Hence, try to keep the gadgets away when you are scheduled to study, so that all distractions can be minimised.
  3. Note Important Points while Studying - If you come across an important point while studying, make sure to mark it so that you can clarify your doubts or remember that point while revising.
  4. Study for Short Periods - Instead of studying for too many hours, it is advisable to work smartly and study for short periods. This would help understand the concepts better and avoid stress and fatigue.
  5. Utilise Time and Avoid Silly Mistakes - While giving the JEE Advanced exam, candidates shouldn’t rush as this can lead to silly mistakes. Instead, go through the paper once before you start answering the questions and form a strategy in your mind.
  6. Good Books For Preparation - Toppers suggest that studying from the best books is important to learn about different ways of solving a question and grasping the concepts properly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To prepare for JEE Advanced effectively, candidates must go through the exam pattern, follow a daily study plan, have a schedule for preparation, complete the syllabus for the exam, take mock tests, refer to previous year’s question papers and be stress-free.

No. If a candidate can follow the above-mentioned tips and study well, they can easily prepare for the exam and score well.

You can study for JEE Advanced 2023 by yourself with NCERT books and the previous year's question papers. You can also give mock tests to see which areas you are strong and weak in.

The time needed to prepare for JEE Advanced varies with each student. In general, it takes about 6 to 7 months to complete the whole syllabus for JEE Advanced.

Students can use online study material from different websites, textbooks, and video lectures. They can also join the top JEE Advanced coaching institute, like ALLEN in Kota, for the well-organised and reliable resources and study materials.
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