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SPALLENTHON is an Online Spelling Bee Competition by ALLEN. It requires students to identify the words and spell them out in different conditions with varying difficulty levels. Spelling Bee Competitions are very popular among American Students, but as a matter of fact from 2005, the winning rate of Indian-origin children in International Spelling Bee competitions has been well over 80%.

Allen Career Institute has brought you the biggest ever Online Spelling Bee competition of India – SPALLENTHON 2020.

In 2019, it was conducted for the students of Kota city and after witnessing a great response at city level we have decided to make it available for all the students who have access to internet and are eager to showcase their skills at spelling words.

In this dynamic and competitive environment, only Academic Intelligence will not help. It must be complemented by verbal intelligence. Spelling bee competitions are a good way to improve pronunciations and enrich vocabulary. It enhances memory and retention ability of the students which helps them boost their confidence level. Spell bee gives them a chance to showcase their spelling skills and at the same time a chance to learn from competition.
ALLEN Career Institute is in the pursuit of finding the best spellers through SPALLENTHON.
Students from any part of the world can take part in SPALLENTHON 2020. All the Students of class 3 to 10 are eligible for the competition.
You can register yourself by visiting our website Registration forms are available here.You are required to upload a passport sized photograph at the time of registration. Test date and timings will be conveyed to you via E-mail/SMS.
Once you register for SPALLENTHON, you get an e-mail consisting of all the details related to the competition.


After completing online registration, participants will be eligible to attend SPALLENTHON – An online Spelling Bee Competition by ALLEN. The important aspects of the contest are

  • There will be a class wise Competition
  • Competition will be held on ZOOM Application
  • It involves Multiple Stages

Round One - Survival of the Fastest: Questions will be displayed on screen for all the participants. Participants have to write the correct answer in Chatbot. Participants with the correct and fastest answer will move ahead to the Next round.

Round Two - Pick of the Basket: Participants who qualify for this round will face a variety of questions. From this round onwards, participants have to keep their video ‘On’. Participants with correct and fastest replies will make their way to the final stage of SPALLENTHON.

This is the final stage of SPALLENTHON Competition. Participants will play two rounds and the highest five aggregate scorers will be chosen as winners.

Round One - Rapid Fire: Every participant will be asked different set of questions in a given time. Each correct answer will add plus points and each wrong answer will give minus marking. Participants have to keep their video camera ‘On’ and their position still in front of the screen.

Round Two - Rise and Win: All participants will see questions on the screen which will be of different types. This round will be like a buzzer round.


  • Participants can attempt the SPALLENTHON Competition from home.
  • Good Internet Connectivity is required
  • ZOOM Application is required
  • Preferred Device-Laptop/PC/Tablet with a wider screen
  • Headset/Earphones with Mic & Web Camera
  • Last Date of Registration: 31st July, 2020.


Competition will be held between 3rd August and 16th August 2020.


  • Participants qualified for Round-2 of stage-1 will be awarded with E-Certificates.
  • 3rd and 4th runner up will be awarded with Gift Vouchers of Rs 1100 each.
  • 2nd runner up will be awarded with Gift Voucher of Rs. 1500.
  • 1st runner up will be awarded with Gift Voucher of Rs. 2100.
  • Winner will get Gift Voucher of Rs 3100.


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