ALLEN Champ 2015 : Champion’s Honor and Mentoring Program


ALLEN CHAMP is a Unique National Level initiative taken by ALLEN to Honor and Mentor the students who are recognized across the globe for being a WINNER of any Prestigious Examination / Event / Olympiad organized at State/ National / International level which benchmarks the performance of students in various areas like Excellence in Academics, Aptitude, Skills, Exposure and Language Capabilities.

Through ALLEN Champ, meritorious students from classes 5th to 12th will be rewarded along with a continuous guidance program, to bring out the best in them according to their potential.

At ALLEN we also acknowledge the fact that these Champions are made from the collective efforts of a team involving their Parents, Mentors, Principals and Schools who help and guide them throughout their entire journey from their childhood, facilitating them with the best possible resources to sharpen their skills.

Hence, ALLEN Champ is a gift to the society by ALLEN, where not only the students, but the entire team behind their success, will also be Honored & Rewarded.



To Honor and Mentor the Academically Talented students of the Nation who have proven their excellence in prestigious Examinations / Events / Olympiads organized at National / International level.


To facilitate the Champs with a continuous guidance and mentoring program, which will ensure optimum utilization of their academic potential.

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